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Instrument Rating Manual


Instrument rating manual in soft-cover print format – for the PPL and CPL instrument ratings. The Instrument Rating manual is the basis for professional standards of piloting whether for private or commercial use. This comprehensive volume assembles all of the knowledge needed to complete the syllabus of training for the CASA Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) and to understand the principles of operation, accuracy and limitations of navaids, the aircraft systems and the human pilot.

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About this title

Authored by David Robson tp. Edited by Andrew Learmonth, Matthew Harriott and Jonty Moss


Part 1 – Instrument Flying Theory

  1. Aircraft Instruments & Systems
  2. Meteorology
  3. Radar
  4. NDB & ADF
  5. VOR
  6. DME
  7. Instrument Landing System
  8. Pilot Qualifications & Aircraft Suitability
  9. Australian Aviation Documents
  10. Preparing for an IFR Flight
  11. IFR Departures
  12. En-Route Operations
  13. IFR Arrivals
  14. Holding Patterns, Reversals & DME Arcs
  15. Instrument Approaches
  16. Visual Maneuvering

Part 2 – Instrument Flying

  1. Instrument Fling Technique
  2. Abnormal Operations – IMC
  3. Automatic Flight Systems
  4. Performance-Based Navigation
  5. RNAV Systems
  6. Human Factors


  1. Instrument Rating Exam
  2. Answers & Explanations

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