Russ Evans

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Understanding Light Twin Engine Aeroplanes


Authored by Russ Evans OAM, who is a former senior examiner of airman with the DCA, RAAF and CFI, airline pilot, corporate jet pilot and flight testing officer. This book explained in practical terms, what the pilot who wishes to fly the light twin-engine aeroplane needs to know.

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Russ Evans


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Edition updated October 2019


  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Engine
  3. Minimum Control Speed (Vmca)
  4. Aerodynamic slip
  5. Other definitions
  6. Humidity – its effect
  7. Percentage Gradients and Degree Angles
  8. Performance
  9. FAR23
  10. CAO 20.7.4
  11. Engine Failure and Asymmetric Flight
  12. Engine Failure Check List
  13. Suggested Asymmetric Training Syllabus

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Understanding Light Twin Engine Aeroplanes