Bob Tait Aviation Theory School


RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol. 2 + Bonus Exam


Bob Tait’s PPL book is the second volume in the RPL/PPL set, designed to take the student to the CASA standard for the Private Pilot Licence cyber exam. Hundreds of exam standard questions including the sample questions from the CASA question data base which were released by CASA to help students prepare for the exam. It as last revised and printed in December 2021 for the new CASR part 91 updates.

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Bob Tait Aviation Theory School

ISBN 9781641365833


About this title

Authored by Bob Tait, updated December 2021

About Volume 2

Vol. 2 is design as a supplement to RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol. 1 (available here). It is a home study programme designed to prepare RPL holders for the CASA private pilot exam (PPL).


  1. Section 1 – Performance
    1. Performance basics
    2. Aircraft weight limitations
    3. Aircraft balance
  2. Section 2 – Meteorology
    1. Global meteorology
    2. Meteorological process
    3. Local meteorology
    4. Operational meteorology
  3. Section 3 – Navigation
    1. Basic navigation
    2. Understanding time
    3. Preflight
    4. planning
    5. En route navigation
    6. Radio navigation aids
  4. Section 4 – Law
  5. Section 5 – General knowledge top up
  6. Section 6 – CASA PPL Examination Questions

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RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol. 2 + Bonus Exam