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RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol. 1 + Bonus Exam


Bob Tait’s RPL book is the first volume in the complete RPL/PPL study guide, a home-study course designed to prepare students for the RPL exam. It was last revised in 2018, and printed in December 2021.

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Bob Tait Aviation Theory School

ISBN 9781641365826


About this title

Updated in December 2021 for CASR Part 91

A study guide for the Recreational (RPL) and Private Pilot Licence (PPL). Volume 1 is a home study programme designed to prepare the student for the RPL.


  1. Radio.
  2. Aerodynamics – Aircraft motion and control.
  3. Aerodynamics – Using vectors, aerofoils, the four forces and stalling speed.
  4. Aerodynamics – Design features, ground handling and airspeed.
  5. Aerodynamics – Climbing and descending.
  6. Aerodynamics – Turning, stalling and spins and spirals.
  7. Engines – Engine components, fuel and fuel systems.
  8. Systems and instruments – Engine systems and aircraft instruments.
  9. Aircraft performance – Take-off and landing performance and weight and balance.
  10. Human performance – Air law for the Recreational Pilot Licence.
  11. Air Law
  12. Navigation – A basic introduction to navigation.
  13. Local meteorology – A basic introduction to meteorological hazards.

About the Authors

Bob Tait

Bob Tait began his aviation career running his Flying School and Charter company (Hinchinbrook Air Services) at Ingham and Innisfail in North Queensland after eight years with the Queensland Education Department. He has held a Grade One Instructor Rating, Command Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Training approval. He has low level aerobatic test and training approval, owned his own Pitts Special and flew helicopters for fun. His aviation theory products have been used throughout Australia and overseas since 1995.

Publishers Details

Bob Tait

Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School

Published: December 2021

ISBN 9781641365826

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RPL/PPL Study Guide Vol. 1 + Bonus Exam