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CPL Kit (7 Manuals)


The CPL kit contains 7 books for the CASA exams. Get Meteorology, Navigation, General Knowledge, Human Performance & Limitations, Air Law, Aerodynamics and Performance in one kit at a discounted kit price.

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Bob Tait


About this title

Authored by Bob Tait

The Bob Tait CPL kit includes 7 CPL titles for the CASA aeroplane exams. The bundle is a great value purchase for the CPL aeroplane candidate.

Kit Titles (7 Textbooks)

CPL Performance

A very comprehensive text which revises all of the PPL performance syllabus and goes on to add those areas that are required at the CPL level. All exercises and tests are accompanied by fully explained, and where calculations are involved, fully worked answers.

CPL Meteorology

One of the most requested books on aviation meteorology. Packed with excellent diagrams and lots of good photos. This book includes a thorough coverage of operational meteorology. Final tests use the CASA exam work booklet.

CPL Navigation

This book covers all areas of the CASA syllabus for both PPL and CPL navigation. It includes a very comprehensive section on the use of radio navigation aids. As usual it is packed with good quality diagrams and revision questions and tests, all with fully explained answers.

CPL General Knowledge

This book covers all of the requirements for the Syllabus for the CPL General Knowledge Cyber Examination. Packed with hundreds of high quality diagrams, entertaining text, progress tests and final practice exams.

CPL Air Law

Air Law is one of the great challenges for students of aviation. The CASA Air Law syllabus has recently been revised and this printed copy of the book covers the new syllabus requirements fully. All references are kept up to date because small print runs allow constant revision. The most up to date air law guide available in Australia.

CPL Aerodynamics

This printed copy of the textbook is packed with hundreds of good quality diagrams and photographs. Regular revision exercises with fully explained answers are provided. Used by hundreds of students to prepare for the CASA Aerodynamics examination.

Human Performance & Limitations (CPL & ATPL)

Human Performance has become one of the problem subjects for the CPL candidate. This book keeps you up to date on the type of questions that are being asked in the cyber examination. Constantly revised.

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