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CPL Air Law Practice Exams


Features 4 CASA style practice exams with detailed answer critique and fast internet marking. Written for the Flight Rules and Air Law exam.

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Rob Avery Pilot Training Systems


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AvFacts product code AV20.


  • CASR Part 61 compliant.
  • Written by Australian pilot’s, for Australian Exams.
  • The 4 exams (total of 160 questions) that closely represent CASA CPL Law exam.
  • Automatic online marking through Avfacts “Exams-Online” system.
  • Detailed critique issued.
  • Correct and in-correct responses displayed.
  • Up to 4 attempts at each exam/6 months access whichever occurs first.

Note: internet access required for exam marking to occur. Compatible with PC’s using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and Apple devices provided access is via the Firefox browser, not Safari.

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CPL Air Law Practice Exams