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Quick Fire Exam/Job Review Questions and Explanations


The only product of its kind in Australasia, this product was created in response to the need for a quick-reference study/review source to rapidly correct for typical knowledge deficiencies that most often cause fail results in pilot exams, or job interviews. It targets the CASA syllabus and examinations very well. Designed to be useful goto for your entire pilot career.

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About this title

AvFacts product code AV11.


  • The best bang-for-buck theory focus on the market.
  • Bullet point presentation style .
  • Wide topic coverage, with over 240+ pages/1800+ questions/answers provided, and covering light aircraft to modern airliners.
  • Over 190 explanatory diagrams/graphs.
  • Simple explanations to complex questions.
  • Where more in-depth explanations or calculations are required, these are provided in a simple-to-understand format.
  • Designed primarily as a review, and used before or after attempting any PPL, CPL, or ATPL practice exams produced by Rob Avery (see in-store for these).
  • Highlight/find/fix your weak areas, and build your command understanding.
  • An extensive eight page index is provided at the back to allow fast topic tracking, and to allow you to target your exam KDR items without fuss.
  • Advance your job prospects.
  • Best used in association with Rob Avery, and ATC training manuals/practice examinations.


  • High and low speed Aerodynamics – 235 questions.
  • Aircraft Performance – 193 questions.
  • Piston Engine General Knowledge – 125 questions.
  • Basic Gas Turbine General Knowledge – 153 questions.
  • Light and Heavy Aircraft Systems – 327 questions.
  • Meteorology – 275 questions.
  • Navigation (Radio & NAVAIDs) – 163 questions.
  • Navigation (General) – 196 questions.
  • Human Factors (including TEM) – 144 questions.


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