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PPL/CPL Kit (7 Manuals) (Digital Edition)


7 set digital theory kit for the Private and Commercial Syllabus, by David Robson. These are the latest digital editions.

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PPL/CPL Theory Kit

7 book bundle by the Aviation Theory Centre – Digital Editions

The 7 set ATC PPL/CPL Theory Kit is the benchmark publication kit for those studying for the their pilot exams. Authored by David Robson, this latest edition digital kit features:

  • the theory and practice for the private and commercial exams
  • a comprehensive breakdown of material required under the syllabus
  • iOS and Android App + online access
  • no expiry

Kit includes access to:

  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Rules and Air Law
  • Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Aerodynamics
  • Human Factors


This digital edition is the complete theory and practice guide for the PPL/CPL CASA examinations. This Digital Edition is redeemed on Aviation Theory Centre’s Digital Books Website. Access any time, any where, via iOS or Android app.

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PPL/CPL Kit (7 Manuals) (Digital Edition)