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PPL/CPL Kit (7 Manuals)


Includes all 7 Aviation Theory Centre PPL/CPL manuals: Human Factors, Aerodynamics, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Rules and Air Law, Aircraft Operation, Performance and Planning, Navigation and Meteorology. Kit shipped in a handy carry case.

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About this title

Authored by David Robson

The PPL/CPL kit is the benchmark set of textbooks for the PPL and CPL candidates. This kit includes 7 industry-standard textbooks for the aeroplane exam candidate. These books teach you what you should know, not what you need to know, and are a must for every pilot’s bookshelf. They are well written and include illustrations and diagrams throughout. Every ATC book features built-in chapter reviews and a full-length CASA style examination. David and the Aviation Theory Centre team review each textbook regularly and most titles are updated every year.

Recent Updates – December 2021

Flight Rules and Air Law has been updated for CASR Part 91. See the amendment NOTAC here.

Kit Titles (7 Textbooks)

PPL/CPL Aerodynamics

The principles of flight are essential knowledge for all pilots. An understanding of the behaviour, stability and control of an aircraft builds confidence, enables the pilot to predict rather than react to aircraft behaviour and ultimately, develops a better pilot.

PPL/CPL Meteorology

Arguably the most important aspect of cross-country flights is the planning and this requires an understanding and interpretation of weather cues and the effect they may have on the flight. Featuring the new Graphical Area Forecast (GAF) and the three hourly Terminal Area Forecast (TAF3).

PPL/CPL Navigation

The greatest freedom in flight is to be able to plan and conduct flights away from home base and even tour this incredible country. The techniques of navigation are simple but must be followed assiduously. Even GPS has to be backed-up by mental and visual authentication. This volume explains how.

PPL/CPL Aircraft General Knowledge

This book contains the information needed to study AGK. Airframe structure and components, engines, propellers and systems are covered in this volume.

PPL/CPL Flight Rules & Air Law

Airspace, rules-of-the-air, procedures, carriage of passengers, cargo, reporting requirements, emergencies, accidents and incidents are all explained, presented and referenced. Sample conversion examinations for overseas licences are also presented.

PPL/CPL Aircraft Operation, Performance & Planning

This volume includes weight-and-balance calculations, loading and all factors that must be considered to calculate take-off, climb, cruise, descent and landing performance. It also describes the use of ERSA to establish aerodrome criteria. Planning considerations of PNR, ETP, diversions and alternates are also covered. The manual is packaged with a work booklet for performance and loading calculations.

PPL/CPL Human Factors

An introduction to the complex but fascinating subject of Human Factors. Covers the CASA syllabus and includes practice questions at the PPL and CPL level. Expanded to cover airmanship and threat and error management.

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David Robson

Aviation Theory Centre

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