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BAK for the RPL + Bonus Exam


A benchmark publication for those studying for their recreational pilot licence. Authored by David Robson, this latest BAK features the latest updates for the new rules and regulations effective December 2021 and additional material on human factors. This edition is the complete theory guide for the RPL CASA examination.

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About this title

Authored by David Robson.

This book contains the theoretical study associated with the first stages of pilot training up to the BAK examination.


  1. What is an Aircraft?
  2. Communications
  3. Aviation Terminology, Abbreviations, Units & Rules of Thumb
  4. Aircraft General Knowledge
  5. Air Law: Rules & Procedures of Flight
  6. The Theories & Practices of Flight
  7. Atmospheric Effects on Flight
  8. Introduction to Human Factors
  9. Introduction to Meteorology
  10. Loading
  11. Performance
  12. Introduction to Navigation
  13. Navigation Aids
  14. Practice Exams

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